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不是啦~ 我是說沒想到也有人也這麼欣賞他,還把當做白馬王子Prince Charming!

其實MOE認為星光幫裡最屌的就是Yoga 了,當然也買了正版支持宥嘉的美妙生活專輯


以下跟大家分享新加坡報紙The Straits Times專訪的原文跟翻譯


轉載自The Straits Times   February 22 2010


No Yoga stunts for Lin

No gimmicks, please. The singer wants to improve himself before working with his idol David Tao


免了,不用耍花招. 宥嘉想在跟自己的偶像-陶吉吉 合作前,變得更強.


記者/jocelyn lee



Popular Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin is well known for being candid, if not blunt. In a recent lunch interview with Life!, the boyish-looking 23-year-old showed he is not your usual celebrity who gives politically correct and often bland answers.


在最近Life!專欄裡的午餐訪談裡,這個長得還很孩子氣的二十三歲歌手讓我覺得, 他不像一般的藝人那樣,只會給些官方說法般正確又無聊的回答。


Visibly irritated by journalists’ constant comparisons of him and Hong Kong singer Eason Chan, the winner of the inaugural season of successful Taiwanese talent show One Million Star snaps in Mandarin: “I don’t like it when people compare us. If I were Eason, I would definitely be annoyed. I come up with good music in my albums and I idolise Eason as well, but there is no need to always put us side by side for comparison.”



The two singers are said to be similar particularly for their strong vocals. Ironically, Chan himself had been subjected to innumerable comparisons with Cantopop’s God of Songs Jacky Cheung.



Lin, a sports and leisure studies graduate from Taiwan’s National Tung Hwa University, adds: “I don’t want people to feel that I am trying to snatch Eason’s fans or that my fans have to support Eason as well. Our fans should support us because our music is good.”

林宥嘉在台灣國立東華大學主修運動和休閒 。他補充說,「我不要人家以為我想搶Eason的歌迷,我也不要我的歌迷認為他們一定也要支持Eason。歌迷應該是因為喜歡我們的音樂而支持我們。」


Indeed, his music has received rave reviews and won many fans. His 2008 debut album Mystery (2008) sold 40,000 copies within the first week of its launch in the region last year. He followed that up with Senses Around (2009), which made Taiwan’s top music chart, G-Music Chart, for eight consecutive weeks when it was released late last year.

而的確,宥嘉的音樂不但廣受好評, 他也獲得廣大歌迷的支持。2008年他的首張專輯「神秘嘉賓」首周就在當地賣出四萬張。接著他在2009年發行了「感官/世界」專輯,連續八週登上台灣G-Music排行榜。




Your first album sold very well. Did you feel any pressure working on your second album?



I did not think about the first album at all when I was working on my second. I did not set a goal and I just took one step at a time and played it by ear. So I did not face any problems or pressure.



You are famous for speaking your mind. Do you ever censor what you say?



I am not exactly someone who says everything I am thinking. What happens is, most of the time I get too excited and happy on stage that I blurt out exactly what is on my mind, which can sometimes turn out to be a bad thing or be used against me.

But I seldom give myself too much stress over this issue because I like being high and excited on stage and this is who I am. I don’t have a public persona that is different.

其實我不是那種想什麼就說什麼的人 。但常常我在舞台上太興奮或開心過了頭,一不小心就會說出我心裡想說的話, 這時候有可能就變得不太妙,有時候還會被斷章取義用來批評我. 但是我不太會因為這點小事給自己壓力,因為我本來就喜歡在舞台上表演的很high, 而這就是我。我並不會在公眾前面就變得不是自己。


You once said in an interview that you don’t want to work with your idols such as David Tao and Wang Lee Hom because it would be too gimmicky.



I have to improve myself before I approach them for collaboration, because I want to meet their expectations. I don’t mind working with them but if we do collaborate, it must happen because both parties genuinely want to do it. If we are collaborating just to attract attention, it would be too much of a marketing gimmick.



Your love ballads sound so convincingly heartrending even though you are probably too young to have experienced all those emotions. How do you do it?



Frankly, I am not confident of bringing out the right emotions when singing the songs. For me, it is more about taking control of the songs and giving them a distinctive “Yoga flavour”. If I know I can do that for a particular song, I will choose that song for my album. The songs must belong to me, such that when people hear them, they know immediately that those are my songs. I think that is the most important.



Where do you usually get your inspiration from?



Nowadays I don’t get my inspiration from music or other singers because I am afraid I’ll get influenced by them and my music may end up sounding like theirs.

I get it from other aspects of life such as travelling. Actually, I always say I want to travel but end up not travelling as I am too lazy to book air tickets and plan a holiday. It is too much of a hassle.



Some of your fellow alumni from the first season of One Million Star such as Stanly Xu have gone on to acting. Will you do the same?



Being an all-rounded artiste is difficult and tiring. I don’t want to go into acting. I support my fellow alumni for their choices but I guess I am lucky to be able to stick to my passion for singing and do quite well at it for now.

當個全方位的藝人很不容易,也很累,我不想演戲,但我支持他們的選擇. 我想自己是很幸運可以把熱情放在歌唱,而且現在發展得也還不錯。


What will you be doing during the Chinese New Year season?



I will be spending time with my family in Taiwan.



Complete this sentence. If I could live my life again, I would...



Work in a music studio at a younger age and focus on music so I can be a much better singer. I also want to be a guitarist – many people notice the guitarist in a band. I’m learning to play the guitar.

我想要在更年輕的時候就開始在音樂室裡工作,專注在音樂上,這樣我才可以成為一個更好的歌手。我也想當個吉他手, 樂團裡的吉他手總是很吸引人。我現在正在努力學好吉他!









stunts: 引人注目的花招, 噱頭,

gimmick 花招; 竅門

Candid 坦率的, 直言的

Blunt 直言不諱的

Irritated 使惱怒; 使煩躁

Snaps 厲聲說; 怒氣沖沖地頂撞(或打斷

Snatch 奪走

Rave 狂熱讚揚, 極力誇獎

Ballads (節奏緩慢的)流行抒情歌曲

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