Emily 雖然是個白人~ 但很喜歡周杰倫跟張惠妹等台灣藝人喔

以下是她看了CNN Asia 專訪 A-Mei之後 挑選出來 interview裡的幾句話





Practice your English listening skills! (練一下聽力吧!)

Phrases from the video: 

"She is Taiwan's golden girl of music."

"born into an aboriginal clan in eastern Taiwan"

"It didn't take long for A-Mei to secure her own record deal..."

"Her music and fashion may have evolved, but she's stayed true to herindigenous 


"It hasn't all been smooth sailing for the musician once hailed as an 

Asian hero..." 

"my passion for music...I've been exposed to music since I was achild." 

"...all of this has given me drive to keep going..."



Key vocab.:

aboriginal = 原住民 



clan: 部落

record deal = 唱片合約

indigenous = 本地的 原住民 



roots = 根

smooth sailing =an easy time = 順利簡單

hailed as = 承認...為; 擁立

passion for = 熱愛...

given me the drive (motivated me) = 給我...的動力



A-Mei interview on CNN: 

新聞稿原文 http://www.cnnasiapacific.com/press/en/content/679/





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