Yo!MOE 的美國特派員Emily Wright 上星期去看了夏天的超夯的電影: 超級8 (雖然好像有點晚了...)

而MOE 的姐姐昨天剛好跟以前的老外家教Steven聯絡上!~ Steven回美國竟然進軍演藝圈,

還在Super 8 裡嘎了一腳!


以下是 Super 8電影簡介

Rating: PG-13

Length: 1 hour 52 minutes

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Movie poster

Super 8 is a coming-of-age science fiction film that follows middle schoolstudent Joe and his friends during the summer that would change their lives forever.  The movie takes place in a small town in Ohio

(mid-western U.S.) in 1979.  Joe and his friends are amateur film makers working on a zombie movie.  (In fact, the film’s title is a reference to the type of film—Kodak’s Super 8 mm—used in the kids’ camera.)  One night while filming, the kids witness the crash of an Air Force train, and in the weeks following, strange events begin happening in the town.  The kids begin to suspect that these events are the work of an extraterrestrial(alien). 

 Super8 劇照

Super 8 was written and directed by J.J. Abrams (LostStar Trek) and produced by Steven Spielberg (A.I., E.T.Transformers), both of whom have no shortage of experience with the Sci-Fi  genre.  In addition to stunning special effects and many suspenseful moments, Super 8 offers a touching story about coping with the loss of a family member, making friends, and growing up. 


Key vocabulary: 





middle school中學




stunning艷, 驚人

special effects 特殊效果

suspenseful 緊張懸疑

touching 動人的

coping 應付

Super8 劇照 



 分享Super8 預告片

Check out the trailer on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB):http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi548707353/

Lines from the trailer: Super8 預告片英文對話


Sherriff Lamb: 

I’ve got

nothing against your friends.  I like your friends, but things have obviously changed for us.


Joe: I have to help Charles finish his movie. 

Sherriff Lamb: It would be good for you to spend some time with kids who don’t run around with cameras and monster makeup.

Charles: And…action!

Joe: Guys, watch out! 


Newscaster: An eastbound freighter derailed.  What the cargo was on thefreighter, we don’t know.

Air Force officer: I understand you have concerns about our cargo.

Deputy: We’ve gotten calls from people who’ve found local dogs, but the calls coming in aren’t local.  It’s like they all just ran away.

Sherriff Lamb: I’ve got property damage, I’ve got theft, I’ve got nine people missing now.  I’ve got things

happening around her that I can’t explain.



I’ve got nothing against your friends  我跟你的朋友沒有問題

eastbound (going east) 東行

freighter (freight train) 貨運列車

cargo 貨物

local 本地

property damage 財產損失

theft 盜竊


Watch a 6 minute scene from the movie here:http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi2561973273/


(In this scene, the kids have snuck out in the middle of the night to film a scenefor their zombie movie

at the train station.  Charles is the director, Joe is responsible for makeup, and Alice and Martin are the

actors.  Cary just wants to play with his fireworks, and Preston is an extra. Charles gets excited when he sees that the train is coming because he says it will increase the “production value” of the film. Little do the kids realize that the train is going to crash.)




Here are some of the lines

from the clip: 免費看6分鐘英文對話 



Martin: Charles, man, do I have new lines or not?

Charles: Guys, this is going to be great.  Get the lights and cameras set up on that end.

We’ll shoot this direction first.

Joe, get the mic [microphone] plugged in and make sure that the new batteries are in the camera—before you do the makeup.

Cary: I took apart two packs of  cherry bombs and I made my own M-80.  Do you want to see it?

Preston: Your obsession with fireworks—and I’m saying this as a friend—concerns me, and my mother.

Martin: Now I’m not prepared.

Charles: Look, it flows better.

“Honey, I love you.”  “I love you,

too.”  See?  It flows.

Martin: I know, but you keep changing things and making it more

difficult for me.

Charles: Martin, get in position.

You need to reassure her.  Wait, do you know what ‘reassure her’ means?

Martin: Yeah, I think so.

Charles: Save the real performance for when we’re filming.

Martin: So I’m going to say here and investigate.  I think it would be safer if you left town for a couple of days. 

Alice: John, I don’t like it, this case, these murders.

Martin: Well, what am I supposed to do, go to Michigan with you?

Alice: Mackinaw Island’s beautiful this time of year.

Martin: Sweetheart, this is my job.

Alice:  The dead coming back to life?I think you’re in danger.

Martin: I have no—I have no choice.

Alice: You do have a choice.

We all do. John, I never asked you to stop, never asked you to give up or walk away, but I’m asking you now.

Please, for me, don’t go.  Don’t leave me.  I need to know this isn’t the last time I’m going to see you. 

I just love you so much.



Key vocab.:

scene   鏡頭

production value 產值

crash 撞車

lines  對話

mic  麥克風

cherry bombs 櫻桃炸彈 (爆竹)

M-80爆竹, 炸彈

obsession 痴迷

flows 流



performance 表現


the dead coming back to life死而復生



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